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January 2017

Mandy Blackwell

Why I Love Recruitment

By General

Today is one of those days I know exactly why I love recruitment, because today I changed someone’s life. I feel I have once again helped a person start on a new employment path that will lead them on to wonderful opportunities.

It is not easy these days after leaving school or university to get a foot on the ladder with a decent company, and it is often such bright candidates that I meet as I recruit for clients whom I feel most sorry for. They are clearly intelligent, motivated young people who are ready to find their first job, and to work hard and learn, but who will give them that first opportunity?

Today I told a nineteen year old (ST) that he had indeed hit the jackpot with a new job with one of my favourite clients. ST had worked for two companies, both of whom had paid him a low wage and this had undermined his confidence. However, from his CV, and after chatting to him, I could see his true potential. I loved the way he wrote passionately about what he did and why, and I just knew if I could get him in front of my client, they would see what he was capable of.

Yesterday I picked him up from Lancaster railway station to drive him to his interview and got to know the real person behind the CV. He had lost his parents at a very young age but was fortunate enough to have had his maternal grandma close by. He continued to do well at school and on leaving, secured an apprenticeship. But after completing this, he found himself unemployed. It was such a shame as he was clearly motivated. He told me that he had studied for five hours the previous night for the test he had to take at the interview. It was clear he was a high achiever.

When I dropped him off at the client, and introduced him, then watched him walk away up the stairs to the interview room, I was rooting for him. Then this morning the client phoned me up to say they would like to make him an offer. If he works hard (which he will) he will become a valued member of staff. The client pays the living wage, so for this young man at the age of 19, he will be earning more than he could ever imagine!

When I rang him to tell him the good news I felt like a proud parent. I said, “go tell your Gran that you did really well and they want to offer you the job!”

Today is one of those days when I know exactly why I love recruitment.

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Vintage inscription made by old typewriter, curriculum vitae

Six simple tips for getting your CV interview-ready

By General

Your CV is kind of like your shop window when it comes to job hunting – make sure it’s ready!

In my line of work, I see hundreds of CVs each year, and I don’t edit them before sending them onto companies; it’s your job to make sure that your CV accurately represents who you are and what you have to offer. So, here are some tips to consider before sending yours to any employer.

  • If you are thinking about applying for a job then you need to review your CV. If someone asks for it because an great opportunity presents itself then it’s best to have it ready. That means you need to update it to match with today’s date and you need to make sure that in adding any more details, that it stays at to two sides of A4 paper.
  • Is your CV easy to read? It’s quite easy to get over excited about fonts that you love, but can the information be digested quickly and easily by the person reading it, and does it look professional? If you are applying for a job in a creative industry then by all means make it look creative but keep an eye on conveying the information clearly. Don’t try and cram War and Peace onto two pages – just include the relevant information and watch your spacing so it’s easy to read.
  • It’s an old one and you’ve heard it before, but have you really checked your spelling and grammar? If you aren’t confident that it’s correct then get a friend or a relative to check. Many employers will automatically bin CVs that don’t have correct spelling and grammar so this is important.
  • If you are preparing your CV for a specific role then edit it to suit what you are trying to convey. For example if you volunteer or do any kind of hobby that’s relevant to the role you are going for, then include it.
  • References aren’t important at this stage – make sure you know who you might ask, but you don’t need to include them when you are just sending a CV over for the first stage of a recruitment process.
  • I find that a photo actually detracts from a CV and would advise it’s probably better to leave it off. At this stage you are focusing on conveying your skills and experience.